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where do I start ?  

Strumming and singing off and on for 40 yrs .

Pickin an grinnin on the Pedal steel guitar for the same time  . 

The story is like a musicial adventure so here we go.

Started learning a lap steel at 12 . Mum was a huge Hawaiian music fan an happen to have a  Robbie E G record , and with Dad playing guitar and singing the music started . At 16 I got my first Pedal steel a Beginners model then at 18 a more pro model ( single neck )

and at 21 I bought a Double neck Emmons which is still my baby today . 

The Fry Brothers supported   

Lee Kernagan ,

The Leroy Brothers,

Kinky Friedman .


Playing the pedal steel guitar .

Toured with Chad Morgan , Merv Lowry,

Aaron DÁrcey,

Brad Huckle,

Livingston Clarke 

I play a Bass in a Hard Rock trio with Roy ,an a Dobro when Roy and I played Bluegrass . Most defiantly life has been a musical journey . 

Solo music

Cosmic Hay EP, with Melbourne producer

David Briggs

Music Boulevard CD, with Sydney producer

Michael Vidale . 

The Fry Brothers

You Never Know CD, Self produced Melbourne

Waitin on the wonderful CD, with Producer Mark Moffatt Nashville

IMG_2236 (1)
CD Cover Tim2 - Copy


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